Monday, July 16, 2012

Fasting Fridays

A new weekly occurrence for LHM! Fasting Fridays!

Fasting has a bit of a taboo to it, but fear not! You will not be starving, or feeling deprived!

Fasting Friday's will be about consuming high quality nutrient dense foods in a liquid state to give our body a rest from solid food for the day. Instead of your body spending time breaking down food, which it spends A LOT of time doing, it will spend time on healing and detoxifying your body. Thumbs up for that!

Kris Carr in "Crazy Sexy Diet" says that fasting with juices one day a week is like changing the oil in your car before your engine fails.

You want to eliminate the toxins in your body before they start to build up. And juice fasting is a great way to release toxins stored in your colon, liver, lungs, bladder, sinuses, skin, and kidneys. Your body will feel like a newly oiled machine.

Keep in mind that fasting works best when paired with a healthy lifestyle.

So Friday will be the first day, and I hope that others will join me! Message on Facebook, Twitter, or even on here to let me know your progress and if you have any more questions!

I will post more information about Fasting Fridays on Thursday night!

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  1. Wow I wish i had a juice machine , i really believed that fasting friday would be good for me , love you little monster !!!