Saturday, August 20, 2011

Murphy's Law

After a string of really bad days, I thought that the sun was really starting to shine when new and amazing people came into my life. And then I think I hit rock bottom: because of some gym politics I am no longer training with my crossfit team, and I am no longer working at my previous restaurant job. Although I feel slightly relieved at the latter, the first change is very upsetting.

I will continue to train by myself and go to the challenge in January solo, what better way to train then with the idea of killing your past teammates in competition (Karen excluded) :)

On the job side, yes, it sucks, and yes, I might have to pound the pavement to find a waitress job on the side, but it's mighty refreshing. Some jobs just weigh you down and make you miserable with their toxic environments. You want to work somewhere where you are constantly bettering yourself and around people that bring out the best in you. I am not settling for anything less than that anymore.

Sometimes you need some bad shit to happen in order to get your ass into gear and focus on the stuff that really matters and makes you happy.

So goodbye crappy job, goodbye crossFit team, and helllllo happppy Marianne!

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  1. You are strong like a bull !! And the sunshine will soon return!! Yeah i'm on my vacation !! Love you Little Monster xoxo